Taking the Steps to Become a Better Me!

A Blog By: Nina

Hello all!

Can you believe this is my first blog EVER?!? I hope you try not to get caught up in the silly little grammatical errors and just focus on the big picture and that’s my story telling. 

A little back story … *ahem* 


In high school I was crazy obsessed with being in shape & couldn’t see past the 3 cellulite dimples on the back of my legs so I worked out twice a day and tried all the latest diet fads at the time, just so I could keep up with the cool crowed. You would think I’d be happy back then right?! Well, surprise surprise I wasn’t . 


As time passed & after a couple of really earth shattering breakups later, I got less obsessive with working out & way more obsessive with junk food. I ate to celebrate, to grieve, to socialize etc. & you would think that I was just living my best life over here but again, I was not. 


Some more time passed & I finally got the kick in the tush I needed by my aunt Anna’, to become more serious about my health. She got me an awesome trainer & alas, 4 grueling months later, I was 42 pounds down and feeling better than ever! In this same year I met a real hottie who I now call my husband. He’s kept me on my toes ever since, so my mind stayed busy & my soul belonged to him… the diet & exercise just came with the territory of being a “new couple”, I suppose.  


So, you know the drill by now. More time passed & I thought that my mind, body & soul were completely fulfilled, until I found out I was pregnant. PREGNANT! Gosh, I had talked about it with my husband before, but actually being pregnant brought so many fears to mind with the biggest one being, how much weight I would likely gain in 9 months. Crazy enough, I only gained 37 pounds throughout my entire pregnancy & lost 25 of it 3 days post partum. It was after childbirth that put me into a spiral. I was breast feeding, starving, hormonal & not taking care of myself mentally or physically, which lead me to regaining all the weight I had just lost! As you can imagine, I was devastated once I finally took the plunge to step on the scale after a pair of my ‘big’ shorts  no longer fit me. 


 Since this was the last year I had before turning the big 3 0, I realized It just wouldn’t be right to start the next decade doing the same things over & over, trying to achieve new results- you know… INSANITY?! I knew that this year had to be different. I had to stop thinking that others could carry me to the finish line of success & start thinking about what I was going to do to make a complete lifestyle change to help better myself for the rest of my life. I’ve always put stock in others helping me along the way when the drive has been tucked away inside me the whole time and I just wasn’t working hard enough to bring ‘her’ to the surface. I have to give my sister a huge shout out and thanks for being my biggest cheerleader & number one confidant during this time…… Love you Lily!

Since coming to this realization, both my sister and I have completely shaken things up and have been in the ‘treat yoself’ mode but not in the give me another slice of cake notion. We been treating our mind, body & spirit. 

How you ask?

Well, I will have to let Lily tell you her own story in her blog but I personally have been working on changing my mind by listening to many different uplifting podcasts from some really rad women. I’m also working on bettering my body by fueling it with healthy food instead of junk food. Most importantly, Iv’e treated my soul by going completely zen during a massage, mediating & singing worship music again. Basically, I am finally focusing on my life as a whole instead of filling voids with peoples views of me & food. 

I’m learning that you really can live a balanced lifestyle. All it takes is waking up and wanting to make those changes EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

I’ll leave you with this…

We have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & I’m finally making 0 excuses! 

What kind of changes are you making this year to better yourself? Leave me a comment & tell me all about it! 

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