How I Was Able to Enjoy My Vacation & Still Keep Up With My Fitness Journey!

A blog by: Nina

Vacations are usually the time where you say YOLO and hope for the best right!?

Well, as of 4 weeks ago, my sister and I started meal prepping and I felt like I was just starting to get into a groove! Then, vacation week was slowly approaching. I was dreading the torment I would be in for the entire week, surrounded by 18 pounds of gummy bears and more packages of Oreos than I could count.

I was trying to figure out how I could close my eyes while going straight to my little ‘healthy cabinet’ in the kitchen and then slowly walk away without being sucked back into the “goodie” drawer. My sister started to notice the panicked look on my face so she immediately sat me down and reminded me that life is all about balance. She said,” You can not go from one extreme to the next. You need to just take a deep breath and make smart choices this next week while also allowing yourself a little freedom to relax and enjoy life!”

So I set a plan in motion!

I chose to make my breakfast meals, besides one donut day, because I couldn’t miss out on the plain glazed donuts from Dunkin- am I right? Every other day, I would make my egg, avocado & tomato toast, which gave me an awesome energy boost for the day ahead!

For lunch I wanted to be regimented with this one, so I didn’t get “lost” in the kitchen. My sister so kindly, pre-made some meals for the duration of our vacation for me! Side note: she is the best!

This was so helpful because I didn’t have to think about lunch and wait to make the WRONG decisions. I simply just did the grab and go method!

Snacks were at a minimum and I usually tried sticking with fresh things like fruit. Snacking really will getcha in the end! Research has shown that you are more likely to intake WAY MORE food just sitting there idly eating than you would by intentional eating.

This part sings to the OCD side of my personality. As of 4 years ago, each family has established a night of cooking, so, fortunately, I already knew what dinners we were having and on what nights I could choose splurge vs curb it.

When it came to the splurge (the brownies, ice cream, apple fritters, TWO PIECES OF PIZZA, Columbia night), I didn’t feel bad about it because my “good” choices were at about an 80/20 ratio.

I also made sure to stay active for the duration of the vacation. We had two flights of stairs to climb to get to our room, so I made it a point to do those at least 5-7 times a day. I made sure to walk on the street or beach for up to 2 miles, 4 out of the 6 days we were there.

One of the most important ways of staying in control was the amount of water I was drinking. I made sure that wherever I was, I ALWAYS had water with me. It helped curb the snacking and made me feel
satisfied throughout the day and night.

So by now, you’re thinking, my gosh, this seems like a lot of work and I’m supposed to be on VACATION? Well, it wasn’t! 4 weeks ago, I committed myself to live a more balanced life and I did just that on vacation. I still enjoyed my time with family without completely sabotaging everything I have worked so hard for. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME!

I’m still on track for my 30th birthday (December 19th- btw) goals & I’m happy that I didn’t completely fall off the wagon during vacation! It was all thanks to my sister’s encouragement & proper planning!

Do you like to live large and go willy nilly during vacation or do you like to have balance?

Throw your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time.

Xo- Nina

8 thoughts on “How I Was Able to Enjoy My Vacation & Still Keep Up With My Fitness Journey!

  1. Yes! I’m gonna need to steal Lily someday, she’s a great hype woman for everything! You have such a great mindset for your journey! Being able to enjoy without going overboard is key to still enjoying life and meeting your goals! Thank you for the great tips, can’t wait to implement them my next vacation !

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  2. During vacations I feel like I’m most cautious because I subconsciously think “oh man I did all this work and now look,” so I always try to do the same as you! Honestly, it’s so refreshing to hear about people’s honest and real experiences with weight loss because it‘s an uphill battle, and you can sometimes feel alone in the process because some people nowadays aren’t genuine with the journey.. so thank you! I’m loving this blog and can’t wait for more to come💓

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    1. Tiana, thank you so much for sharing your experience as well! Weight loss & health has been a struggle for a really long time so thank you for all the encouragement! So happy to know this blog reached another likeminded individual! We can’t wait to share more soon!


  3. Love your planning. Unfortunately I didn’t plan. I thought about not going overboard but that ended when the gummy bears css as me out. I did continue my activity plan and have gotten back on track the week after. I also am always thinking of weight control. Just a way of life. Enjoy and I’m loving this blog.


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