How I Figured Out Meal Prepping!

A blog by: Lily

Edited by: Nina 

  If you have ever felt like you are at a loss when it comes to meal prepping & where to begin, I can promise you, you are not alone! There once was a time, I was in your exact shoes! I would look through Pinterest endlessly and pin recipes to my “healthy food” board but wouldn’t make anything. These meals looked too hard to make or there were too many ingredients and I lacked the motivation it took to go to the store looking for items. Shameful, I know. The laziness in me was truly at an all-time high!

So here is how I put the proverbial ‘ball in my court’ & started my journey to prepping meals. 


I finally took the time to sit and plan what I wanted to cook for the week. I watched a lot of YouTube videos of people meal prepping and the channel that stood out to me the most was @laceybaier “A Sweet Pea Chef”. She made it easy for me to follow recipes and get comfortable in the kitchen. I started with two meals that I could easily make. I loved picking to meals because I could switch back and forth between the two and I never got bored. If your meals are boring, do you really think you are going to continue eating them? I know I’m not, so choose something you will enjoy! It’s all in the planning. 

*Quick tip – if the meals have a video of how it’s made, that’s even better. That has helped me out a lot because I am a very visual person. YouTube became my BFF! 


Now that you have all the ingredients you need, separate them into what you will be cooking step by step. I like to have everything chopped and in individual bowls so when the time comes I can easily toss them in the mix. In my containers, I like to produce a layered look, so I start by adding rice, then veggies, then a protein. I make sure the oven is preheated while I start my rice. (If you like rice as much as my household, a rice cooker is a lifesaver) I put the veggies in and then I start on my meats. If you are vegetarian no worries! In one of our upcoming recipes, we will show you the wonders of tofu and how flavorful it can get. However, it’s still the same cooking process, so don’t think I’m leaving anyone out. 

    3. THE FINALE 

Now that everything’s cooking, it’s time for you to bring out the dishes, and by that, I mean your meal prep containers. MEAL PREP CONTAINERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE PEOPLE! Walmart had a wonderful 40 piece set for $9.95 when I went to purchase mine in May. After many purchases of multiple kinds of meal prep containers, I believe the Walmart deal to be quite a bargain if you ask me. What makes having meal prep containers so convenient is that you don’t have to think when looking in your fridge. You can just grab your food and go! Rummaging around in your fridge is what often leads to pulling from the ‘no no’ sections. Let’s stick to consistency everyone! By now, you will have your containers laid out now that your food is finished cooking. I weigh my meat and measure my rice so I know I’m not going over the portion amount and to be honest, you can never have enough veggies. You’d be surprised at what we think we can eyeball, only to learn we are way off. Now stick those meals in your fridge and be prepared to kick this week’s ass! 

I hope you have found this super helpful. Start slow and don’t get overwhelmed by cooking. Coming from a girl who barely used to cook, I now meal prep for 3 and I make 4 different meals a week. You can do it, I know you can !! 

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One thought on “How I Figured Out Meal Prepping!

  1. I am trying to do meal prep. Think the hardest part for me is the sitting down to think about what to make and making the list.


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