Self-love and Confidence

A blog by: Lily

Edited by: Nina

Ladies, why do we feel the need to attack ourselves daily? “I’m not doing enough” or “If I was thinner maybe I would receive more love”.

Why are we so brainwashed to think that way about ourselves? If there is one thing that I want you to think about throughout life is this. Social media is a highlight real and society paints unrealistic expectations for women.


Now that you read that say it out loud and mean it.

I. Love. Myself.

You are built for greatness in your way. What you are accomplishing daily is nothing short of being successful. Remember YOU are your only competition and should only want to better yourself for YOU. Too many times I see women comparing themselves to others and I catch myself doing the same. Just don’t let it consume you. We as women should not tear others down because we can’t achieve what they have, you are unique, so embrace it. You never know who is watching you or who might be inspired by your actions.

It is really awesome to let others know they are doing great things as well. Women supporting women only makes us more powerful. Sharing the love with others will give them that boost of confidence and then, just maybe, they will spread the “love wealth” as well! We need to be encouraging to ourselves and others. This is so very important for a better world.

Be kind to yourself ladies.
You are built for greatness.
You are unique and talented.
Share “love wealth” with others.

Now put that on repeat….

Until next time,

XO- Lily

2 thoughts on “Self-love and Confidence

  1. This is such a great reminder! Thank you for encouraging your readers to be them and it’s ok to not get the to do list done! Many times we all fall short and we need to love ourselves anyways! Thank you! Such a great read


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