So, this is T H I R T Y

A blog by Nina

The days leading up to this monumental occasion have felt so drawn out and never-ending, filled with anxiousness, apprehension, restlessness & concern about the unknown. My T W E N T I E S was filled with some of the most painful yet most rewarding experiences of my life and this week I was left clinging to the wonderful memories while also trying to leave the bad ones in my past forever. Let’s just say, the struggle was real, and I am sure anyone in my shoes can attest to this battle within themselves when they reached their T H I R T I E S.

My twenties were a time for all the major life lessons. A chance to pick up the pieces and make what I wanted from those pieces. A chance to LIVE this incredible journey filled with adventure, sadness, love, anger, perspective, conflict, newfound wisdom & most of all, growth.

Things I plan to leave behind in my twenties are: 

  1. Caring about what people think about me.
  2. Thinking that being plus size is such a bad thing because my curves ARE all that.
  3. Making mountains out of molehills.
  4. Comparing myself to my friends- WE ARE ALL FABULOUS IN OUR OWN WAY & should be celebrated as individuals! CELEBRATE AND EMPOWER YOUR FRIENDS PEOPLE.
  5. Living without balance.
  6. Holding on to toxic relationships.
  7. Not practicing mindfulness.
  8. Holding on to guilt and regret.
  9. Waiting for the right time to go on an adventure because of finances.
  10. Hiding in my comfort zone.
  11. Not being authentic.

These 11 key factors used to eat me alive and stifled my growth, spiritually & mentally throughout the years. I am not saying I am totally rid of every single bullet point, but I have finally realized how important it is that I release the negativity that surrounds all these factors.

So basically, be gone Biatches!

As I woke up to write this morning (4:30 am), I felt this sense of peace and excitement. I have 365 days to write this new story, filling the pages with new & amazing chapters of how I used my twenties as a platform for growth in my thirties. I do not know all that lies ahead, all I know is that I plan to do great things during this next decade, so watch out world.


Xo, Nina

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