Kindness is such a humble word with such a noble meaning. 

Kindness is really sweet because it has this sort of ripple effect of contagion. How? Well you see, when you are kind to someone it usually leaves the recipient in a feel-good state, which then subconsciously prompts them to basically pay it forward by displaying a random act of kindness upon another person and so on and so forth. 

Get the picture?! 

In the spirit of our theme this month (giving back) we wanted to share some random acts of kindness you could put into action to finish this year on a high note! Heck, maybe even take some of these things into the New Year with you! 

  1. Send a positive text to 5 people right now! (Well, not right now but right after you are done reading this blog )
  2. Leave a 5-star review for a company that recently gave you excellent service! 
  3. Leave a box of goodies or a thank you note in your mailbox for your mail carrier! 
  4. Compliment the first person you see today and if you aren’t leaving your house then say something nice to YOURSELF! 
  5. Listen, and do not interrupt when someone else is speaking. 
  6. If you are in a group setting and you see someone is being left out, take the time to make sure that person feels included. 
  7. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. 
  8. Let another car merge in front of you in traffic.
  9. Clean the slate with forgiveness and make amends with relationships you want to fight for. 
  10. Call someone you love & tell them you LOVE them! 

We will leave you with this quote. 

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”- Leo Buscaglia

As always, be the change……. 

Until next time friends. 


Nina & Lily 

P.S. Sending a big hug to our mom for inspiring this post. You taught us to be loving & kind to others and it’s something we can’t wait to pass along to our children. 

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