Meet the gals behind it all

N I N A . D E M P S E Y

Hi, my name is Nina Nicole Dempsey, but you can just call me Nina! I was born & raised in “The City Beautiful”. For anyone a little unsure of where it is exactly, it’s Orlando, FL! Some of my favorite things include: listening to my charming husband talk about how my rock garden is trying to kill our pool filter for the thousandth time (a story we can get to later), spending time with my sweet children Remi, Kaia & Tank, hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family & gabbing about all the latest & greatest with my best girlfriends!

Since childhood, my parents told me I was born for greatness & throughout my entire life, I thought greatness would simply just fall from the sky and hit me like a sack of potatoes. As the eve of my 30th birthday approaches, I have finally realized that you can only achieve greatness by doing GREAT THINGS! So alas, here we are today- you still with me ?!

My sister & I felt that if we were taking the steps to change our lifestyle for the better, just maybe, others might want to take that journey with us! My goal is to inspire others by blogging, vlogging, & sharing my struggles & victories on a public forum. My most favorite quote my parents ever bestowed upon me is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Gandhi
Well, mom & dad, I plan on doing just that!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit more ‘about me’! If you ever have any questions please visit our contact page & send me an email! You can also connect with me on my personal Instagram anytime- link below. Oh… & don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you can be notified about future scintillating content.



L I L Y . W A T K I N S

Hi there! I am the other sister of this blog and my name is Lily. *awkwardly waves* I am married and have two crazy dogs, Zeus and Nala. I recently just got out of the United States Army after serving for 6 years. I have lived in Washington State and on the small island of Oahu, Hawaii. Many great experiences I had did come with some negative moments, but that will be a whole other post someday. 

I am so happy to be doing this project with my sister who is also my best friend. To be frank, it didn’t start that way growing up and it took many years and a whole life change on both parts to get close. We are 4 years apart you see and that really didn’t help my sisters’ cool image when she had to drag me along everywhere. If you got a bigger sister or you are the older sibling then you totally understand. Fast forward to now. Two thriving sisters deciding to make a change in their personal life and wanting to document everything on this journey. Our goal is to not tell you how to live your life or be the subject matter experts living because we come nowhere close to that. We want to encourage other people to make healthy choices, motivate them through any process of life’s struggle they are going through, and give helpful tips along the way.  Our goal is to make this blog relatable so when you hop on and read you get that sense of “wow they get me and I want to know more.” That’s the goal for anyone who puts our content for the masses. Relatable and Real. Feel free to check out my personal Instagram to keep up with the daily.